The Revolutionary BX-MDH Magnetic Door Holder


Unlike traditional magnetic door holders the new BX-MDH magnetic door holder is not fed with live current around the clock, but instead uses a permanent magnet connected directly to the loop. The intelligent loop magnetic door holder is also able to determine the door's position and transmit this state to the control panel. High operating costs and an increasing environmental burden, which was something that electromagnets were unable to avoid, are now firmly consigned to the past.

Simple but ingenious

Magnetic door holders hold fire prevention doors open during normal operation. In the event of a fire breaking out, they allow the doors to close, thereby hindering the spreading of the fire. Until now, the magnetic door holders required being constantly supplied with current to hold the doors open. In the event of something happening, the electricity supply would be interrupted, and the doors would close as a consequence.

The developers have now managed to make the breakthrough that has rendered such electricity guzzlers superfluous - and in an exceptionally simple way - by inverting the way that the magnetic door holders function. The BX-MDH (Magnetic Door Holder) contains a permanent magnet, which is able to hold fire prevention doors open in normal operation, without consuming electrical energy. In the event that something happens, the BX-MDH connected to the fire alarm system receives the command to generate a brief electrical impulse, which temporarily neutralises the permanent magnet's holding force. The integrated battery makes this possible and allows the desired closing of the door.

Sophisticated and well-honed

The BX-MDH is not just revolutionary due to the way it works in an economically and environmentally sound manner, but the door magnet by Schrack Seconet also has a single identification feature which allows it to be connected to the Integral fire alarm system. It contains an integrated connection for the multifunctional Integral X-LINE loop circuit. This also makes the BX-MDH exceptionally intelligent: In the event of the Integral X-LINE circuit being interrupted or there being a short circuit, a short circuit isolator ensures that all the elements in the loop circuit continue to function unimpeded. Every magnet can also be individually addressed and configured, thereby allowing the selective actuation of each individual door. The terminal switch integrated in the BX-MDH as standard and an optional additional terminal switch in the door frame permit the uninterrupted monitoring of the door position and ensure that, in the event of a fault occurring, the corresponding message is sent. In the event, for example, that the door is blocked, then the fire alarm system receives this information which is exceptionally important for shutting off the fire zones in the event of a fire.

Sustainable Innovations – Schrack Seconet focuses on protecting the environment

As an innovative company, Schrack Seconet, again demonstrates its role as a pioneer in the technology sector, while also showing awareness for responsibility and sustainable thinking in its developments. This innovation that saves resources and is environmentally sound is another step in the right direction for being responsible.

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