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When planning and designing extensive fire alarm systems, installers often do not use systems, devices and solutions of just one manufacturer but from various vendors.

Integral IP – the communication whizz

What is crucial in such cases is that the tools and systems used are able to communicate with each other, so that they can duly fulfil their monitoring and alerting tasks. The important thing, therefore, is to interconnect such systems intelligently. And this is where universal interfaces come in.

Such interfaces act as "interpreters". They convert the information gained from a system into a standardized format which is easily understood by the other system, e.g. a fire alarm control system, and in this way it can be processed by the connected system. 

But these interfaces have much more to offer. Today, fire alarm panels are expected to do more than just receive the operating states of the individual detectors, trigger alarms in case of fires and transmit them to fire brigades. Integration with complex, advanced building technology and establishing and maintaining communication with all partners is a must.

With the Integral IP fire alarm system, Schrack Seconet has launched a system that offers perfect communication with its technical environment. It supports OPC, BACnet and MODBUS interfaces with open licence without any limit to data point numbers. All connected systems speak the same language and can be jointly operated and displayed by means of superordinate management systems.

Connection with telephone systems

ESPA, a special interface to telephone systems, takes care of connecting Integral IP with telephone systems. In this way fire alarm panels can use the telephone system to directly transmit important information to the right people and functional units – a service of utmost importance for old people’s residences and hospitals.

Flexibility and investment protection

It is the outstanding benefit of Integral IP that it enables a great variety of applications with just a single interface module, no matter what standard is used in the system. Migration, e.g. from OPC to BACnet, can be programmed quite easily, without having to go through the strain of having to change the hardware. 

Therefore, the Integral IP fire alarm system can be integrated in all existing networks - easily and cost-efficiently. This is an enormous advantage when it comes to system expansions or refurbishments.

When acquiring new systems, using universal interfaces protects your investments.  Thus, building operators enjoy full flexibility with regard to all economic and fire protection issues.

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