VISOCALL IP Software Release 4.1 – New features and options


Recently the new version of the software for our VISOCALL IP communications platform was completed and is now available for international release. This software release of course includes a whole range of completely new features, ranging from the integrated VISOTAX IP billing system and new options for logging care data directly at the patient bed through to our SecoCareAPP.

Many advantages and additional usage options for you

The first updates have already been carried out, and version 4.1 of our software has already successfully been launched for some of our customers. You will be able to profit from the many new advantages and additional usage options of this software release, which will once again increase your convenience, security and efficiency. We would like to take this opportunity to briefly present these new options.

Integrated VISOTAX IP billing system

Services that are available at extra cost, such as telephony, television or Internet access, can be billed on a shared platform without any additional effort. Patients and residents of care homes can be given access to the services on office using a contact-less Mifare smartcard. The billing system not only saves costs, but is also exceptionally efficient and simple to use.

For rapid and reliable help – the SecoCareAPP

Mobile apps already make our daily lives easier in many areas and now are available for use in hospitals and care homes. Any type of nurse call information can now also be transmitted to mobile terminals, thereby increasing patient comfort and safety, while also saving care staff unnecessary walking.

Integrated and efficient logging of care data directly at the patient bed using SecoCareDATA

A smartcard, on which all required information is stored, and which is inserted directly into the patient handset of the nursecall system, makes the documentation of care data cheaper and more efficient. Since errors can occur when handwritten notes are transcribed onto a computer, SecoCareDATA not only contributes to ensuring greater reliability, but also greatly relieves the burden on nursing staff members.

An optimal solution for announcements with the AudioManager

Another new feature of the new software version is our AudioManager, which allows announcements and pre-programmed messages to be uploaded on a one-off basis or on a repeat basis into an existing network and to be played over predefined terminals. The advantages of the AudioManager are clear: The electro acoustic system can be be dispensed with in specific circumstances, and no additional installation is required, which means considerable savings in cost terms for our customers.

Even more new features

Since every hospital and every care home has individual requirements and needs, we now have a new patient terminal, the PAT-easy ready for launch. We are now able to offer a complete portfolio on three levels: From the high-end PAT with integrated VoIP telephone, via the new PAT-easy through to the simplest version, the PAT-light.

Furthermore, by connection the new SSR-IO latching relay it is possible to connect up to two independent lighting sources (e.g. room lights and reading light). The latching relay conforms to European standard EN 60601-1 (medical electrical equipment).


Please find detailed information about VISOCALL IP here.

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VISOCALL IP es un sistema de tecnología IP utilizado en hospitales y residencias de mayores de gran flexibilidad que permite la integración junto a sistemas existentes de comunicación hospitalaria. VISOCALL IP gestiona las llamadas de paciente enfermería mediante tecnología IP, así como el control de TV, Radio, Sistemas de entretenimiento y otros sistemas en una única plataforma.

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