Integral IP BX – ideal for unmanned facilities

Integral IP BX

Reliable fire safety systems are of enormous importance in particular for technical facilities that are either not permanently manned or are not manned at all. The smallest and latest fire alarm control panel in our tried and tested Integral IP system family, the Integral IP BX, is particularly well suited for such facilities, such as garages, mountain huts, electricity substations, wind farms or mobile masts, as it can also be monitored using remote access thanks to its integrated IP interface.

Swift alerts - any time, anywhere

Not only can the responsible staff member access the fire alarm control panel from anywhere via a PC, smartphone or tablet device, but the fire alarm system automatically sends all requested information automatically by e-mail to SMS to the desired recipients. All important information, such as alarm or fault messages are automatically sent to a PC or sent to mobile terminals using push notifications. Consequently it is possible to react quickly, without actually physically being on site.

Large distances can be bridged

It is possible to cover large distances, with unmanned technical systems and facilities being monitored optimally, even when they are spread across large distances and areas. Regardless of the distance entailed access is possible to the fire alarm system and all information about its current status can be queried. As a result, unnecessary journeys can be prevented, processes accelerated and both time and enormous costs can be saved.

Typical areas of deployment for the Integral IP BX

Optimised for unmanned facilities e.g.:

  • Garages
  • Electrical substations
  • Radio masts
  • Mountain huts
  • Technical facilities for Internet providers

Optimised for widely spread premises e.g.:

  • Pipeline pumping stations
  • Wind power generators
  • Retail stores
  • Ski lift stations

Optimised for use in small facilities e.g.:

  • Catering businesses
  • Supermarkets and retail chains
  • Bed and breakfasts
  • Petrol stations
  • Kindergartens
  • Schools


Find out more about the Integral IP BX.

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