Electronic protection for psychiatry

Security and comfort are provided using technology from Schrack Seconet.

Electronic protection for psychiatry

Following the departure of the 5th Psychiatric Department from the Otto Wagner Hospital in 2014, patients with primary registration in the 3rd, 4th and 11th districts as well as homeless patients whose surnames begin with an M, N, S or B, and patients who could not be identified at the time of acceptance (nameless), have found a modern home near to where they live in the annex of the Rudolfstiftung hospital in Vienna’s Landstrasse district. Three departments of 20 beds each have been set up, together with a day clinic, a liaison service and an initial assessment/ crisis intervention facility. Security and comfort are provided using technology from Schrack Seconet.


The IP-based light signal system VISOCALL IP is installed throughout the new building. Full monitoring is provided by the SecurWATCH IP system for disorientated persons. All doors, stairwells, the lift and the terrace on the fifth floor are equipped with electromagnetic readers. If necessary, disorientated patients are given wristbands. The system automatically indicates when somebody leaves a predefined area. Care, medical and therapeutic staff are equipped with threat alarm badges. In dangerous situations, an emergency call can be made at the press of a button.

Both systems on a single screen

While VISOCALL IP and SecurWATCH IP are already becomingincreasingly integrated, the Rudolfstiftung takes things one step further: Both systems are graphically displayed at all support points on a shared screen, so that each call for a nurse and each alarm is clearly visible in a schematic layout. The alarm server of the Hospital association, the body responsible for the Rudolfstiftung, is also integrated. This makes it possible to read off the name of the person who made the emergency call and their location on the display of the DECTs. Thanks to modern technology, this significantly increases security for everyone in the building.