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Arcelor Mittal

Über das Projekt

ArcelorMittal Ostrava is the largest steel plant in the Czech Republic. Their focus is on steel and iron products. Today, the company is part of the transnational ArcelorMittal Group, by far the world’s largest steel manufactory. They produce up to three million tons of steel each year in the Czech Republic and, along with with their subsidiaries, employ more than 7,500 people. Their products are not only sold in the Czech market, but are also exported to more than 40 countries around the world.

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Large industrial companies like ArcelorMittal Ostrava require special safety and it's importance to meet their particular needs. That's why the steel plant has relied on the superior technical expertise of Schrack Seconet for all their fire-protection related matters. Schrack Seconet has installed more than 6,600 point detectors at ArcelorMittal Ostrava. The compatibility of old and new products has allowed a gradual upgrade to the latest generation of components, easily and flexibly, like panels and multiple sensor detectors.

Arcelor Mittal
Ostrava, Tschechische Republik

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