Photovoltaic Plant in Vanju Mare

Solar Energy Plant

About the project

The photovoltaic plant Vanju Mare is located in southwestern Romania and has a capacity of 9.4 MW. The spanish investor group ISASTUR completed the work in collaboration with TSK Solar. EDP Renovaveis provided photovoltaic panels and ISASTUR carried out all work-related duties, including: structure, inverters, transformers, instrumentation, control, engineering and commissioning. The project consists of nine 630 kW plants and six 500 kW AC plants, with a total peak power of 9.37 MW and it's connected to the town’s CEZ substation.

About the solution

Nine locations, spread over a large area, are connected with Integral IP BX panel over the existing broad area of the company, which extends across the entire city. The benefits are obvious: Since the system can be easily integrated into the existing customer network, there's no need for additional installation work between the panels. This results in permanent saving on usual communication link costs. The operators of the two projects opted for easy control of the entire system via a control station Secolog IP, which automatically processes all information needed to assess a risk situation. Risks can therefore be detected quickly so in the case of an alarm, the right decisions can be made promptly. Thanks to intelligent IP applications, the panel can also be accessed on the go via smartphones, tablets or PCs.

Photovoltaic Plant in Vanju Mare
Vanju Mare, Romania

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