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Mariinsky Theatre

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About the project

The Mariinsky Theater in St. Petersburg is one of the most famous opera houses in the world. The history of this fantastic Russian building begins in the 19th century, when the first theatre burned down. As there it wasn't possible to save the theatre, the new Mariinsky Theatre was built on the spot in 1859. By the next year, the theatre celebrated its first premier.

About the solution

Historical buildings have very high security demands and appearance is also particularly important. Security products must sit well within the building. Taking these factors into account, Schrack Seconet installed 6,000 MTD 533 fire detectors,16 ASD 535 smoke aspiration systems and 1,600 loop modules in 2006. These are controlled by 20 Integral fire alarm control panels. The products blend in well with their surroundings and do not stand out in the historic premises.

Mariinsky 2

The second stage, which is located in the new building of the Mariinsky Theatre, opened in 2013. It has 2,000 seats and includes a large hall and additional performance rooms. The second stage is located on the Kryukov Canal, directly behind the historic Mariinsky Theatre. The new building of the opera house and ballet house have excellent acoustics and are at the cutting edge of technology - especially the fire alarm system from Schrack Seconet. They have installed 6,000 multiple sensor detectors, positioned in the new theatre building, plus several additional linear smoke detectors. The system protects the hall and the rooms under the stage, where there are many small chambers. Point detectors would not have been able to offer comparable protection in this area, due to the complicated formation of smoke. The components are connected via a Seconet network. Schrack Seconet systems also control the extinguishing systems with gas and water.

Mariinsky Theatre
St. Petersburg, Russia

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