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Malvazinsky Hospital

Top clinic, well protected

About the project

Located in the heart of the golden city of Prague, the Malvazinky Clinic ranks among the best facilities in the Czech Republic in the fields of rehabilitation and orthopaedics. The experienced team at the hospital is made up of highly-qualified and recognised specialists, therefore guaranteeing comprehensive expertise, professionalism and individual treatment - at the highest level.

The rehabilitation clinic is a health facility, part of the Austrian VAMED Group, which also includes the rehabilitation clinics in Montafon and Gars am Kamp. The broad spectrum of orthopaedic treatment options and therapies they provide, after an accident or operation, lays the foundation for desired recovery success. Clinical care also specialises in preventing chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

About the solution

The Malvazinky Clinic's high standard and good reputation was enhanced by Schrack Seconet's installation of the multimedia-capable communication platform Visocall IP. The system is now available for a total of 60 beds. The PAT patient terminal, with integrated VoIP telephone device, networks staff and patients - and provides a fast, efficient exchange of information. In addition to the classic nurse call with communication option, the handheld unit also combines services such as light, TV, radio and blind control. A further wide range of services can be called up via the Schrack Seconet multimedia terminals. This makes everyday life for patients interesting, informative and relaxing. 

A total of 250 MTD 533X multiple sensor detectors protect patients and staff against the dangers of fire. The detectors adapt actively, permanently, automatically and dynamically, to ambient conditions, and detect smoke or a temperature increase early in the formation phase.

Malvazinsky Hospital
Prague, Czech Republic
Hospital/Geriatric medicine/Nursing

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