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Constitutional Court

About the project

St. Petersburg is often referred to as the northern or second capital of Russia. In 2008, the highest organ of the Russian legislative power - the Constitutional Court - was moved from Moscow to St. Petersburg to the historical four-building complex (Senat und Synode). The building's foundation dates back to Tsar Peter the Great. The Senate was the highest legislative and administrative power, and Synod was the highest body in the Russian Orthodox Church, introduced by Peter the Great to replace the Patriarchy.

About the solution

As the four buildings are listed monuments, a permit from the Ministry of Culture was required to be able to plan and implement an intelligent, flexible fire alarm system. Supported by a long-standing Russian partner company, Schrack Seconet took on this critical assignment. Among the components of this state-of-the-art fire alarm concept are six Integral fire alarm panels, 1000 multi-sensor detectors and over 400 input/output modules, which now control the extinguishing and ventilation systems. Sources of fires can now be detected quickly and reliably. In the case of alarms, respective control commands are given to fire extinguishing, smoke suction and warning systems. The Russian Constitutional Court now has a sophisticated system to protect material assets, databases and people from the dangers of a fire.

Constitutional Court
St. Petersburg, Russia

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