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Central Bank of The Russian Federation


About the project

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation (former State Bank of the RSFSR and previously the State Bank of the Russian Empire) is the sole issuing bank and is also the most important body for banking regulation and controlling in Russia. The country’s entire financial and bank-lending system depends on the bank’s work. Consequently, security - and in particular fire prevention - play an important role across the board.

About the solution

The colossal main headquarters of the bank in Moscow is five storeys high, and has a total of 600,000 sqm of office space that has been equipped with 25 fire alarm panels, more than 30,000 multiple sensor detectors MTD 535 and 30 fire extinguishing systems. Furthermore, Schrack Seconet's fire alarm system has been installed in more than 40 branches of the Central Bank across the country. 

Central Bank of The Russian Federation
Moscow, Russia

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