Romania's largest office building

Palas Campus

During spring of 2023, IULIUS, an important real estate developer based in Romania with a notable track record of large-scale mixed-use urban projects, celebrated the opening of a new project in Iasi. With a leasable area of over 60,000 sqm, Palas Campus, became the largest office building in Romania, with a daily community of over 5,000 people from 13 international companies.
The office consists of six building blocks with varying heights, connected both on the first floor and at the first three levels. It also has two underground levels with a total capacity of over 600 parking spots.

The Palas Campus has been built according to the strictest sustainability standards, earning EDGE and LEED certifications.
Among the features that contribute to the environmentally friendly nature of Palas Campus are more than 4,500 square meters of green spaces and terraces, tracks and designated areas for parking bicycles, EV charging stations, and solar panels for increased energy autonomy.

The campus was built to function as a versatile mixed-use development, featuring office facilities at the upper levels and a commercial ground floor with dining options, a supermarket, a gym, healthcare facilities, and a service hub.

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Fire safety as a top priority

Fire safety is a top priority for IULIUS company. In addition to the top-grade materials with maximum fire resistance, the company installed throughout the entire Campus the Integral EvoxX fire alarm system from Schrack Seconet - A sophisticated and forward-thinking premium system in line with the company's mission to build advanced cities for generations to come.
Last Chance, Schrack Seconet's long-standing installation partner, designed an impressive system using Integral EvoxX M fire control panels, ideal for monitoring large areas. The building design featured a combination of MTD 533X multi-sensor Cubus automatic detectors and Fireray line-type smoke detectors for the architectural gaps to ensure early effective fire detection.

Mr. Dragoş Dimitriu | CEO of Last Chance

Enhanced Smoke and CO Detection Across Office and Basement

A significant portion of the offices and conference rooms were equipped with ASD units. The pipes of these units were mounted directly within the false floor of the building to meet aesthetic standards and reduce maintenance needs. To safeguard the ventilation system, Last Chance strategically placed LKM 593X duct smoke detectors throughout the network to quickly detect any signs of smoke. Additionally, they installed manual call points and input and output modules for specific actions.
The basement was equipped with carbon monoxide detectors for the parking lots and ADW aspirating smoke detector units strategically placed in areas with restricted volume due to the presence of extensive piping.

"We always want to bring our customers total investment security by delivering quality systems at the best price-performance ratio. In addition to the extreme stability and reliability of its systems, Schrack Seconet also brings significant savings when expanding or modernizing a system. An aspect that we always take into consideration when there might be dynamics in changing the destination of the rental space."
Mr. Dragoş Dimitriu - CEO of Last Chance

Advanced Fire Safety and Monitoring System Installed

The building also has sirens, flashlights, parallel indicators, an external LED indicator panel, and external operating panels for perfect acoustic and visual signaling in the event of a fire.
More than 20 000 data points have been monitored easily via Secolog IP, Schrack Seconet's alarm management system solution which combines various hazard detection systems into one and allows viewing, monitoring and operation from a central location; a complete system for security specialists meeting all local specifications and standards.

Mr. Alexandru Mateicuc | Head of Representative Office Romania, Moldova, and Bulgaria.

Palas Campus Debuts Romania's First APS-9000 PAVA System

At Palas Campus, the Integral EvoxX detection system was interconnected with the voice evacuation system from g+m elektronik, the sister company of Schrack Seconet.
With the assistance of an advanced software, provided by Schrack Seconet which analyzes the best positioning of loudspeakers, Last Chance effectively installed a state-of-the-art PAVA system, incorporating for the first time in Romania the newest APS technology. The latest APS-9000 controllers, which have been certified EN54-16/4/17, have demonstrated their effectiveness as essential components of a customized system that seamlessly integrates with the building's BMS.

This customized PAVA system can send messages locally or centrally from the central dispatch point or can issue local messages directly from the zonal controller in the respective area of a building.

"Rapid action is vital in case of a fire, especially in buildings with a large number of people and many escape routes. The use of sirens alone may not be enough to ensure a safe evacuation in those situations, so it's important to also use voice communications to guarantee a timely and collision-free evacuation."
Mr. Alexandru Mateicuc - Head of Representative Office Romania, Moldova, and Bulgaria
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