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Many municipal facilities, one central app – with Integral Mobile, Klosterneuburg is entering the digital era in fire safety in pre-schools, schools and the like. All alarms and fault messages are displayed automatically – the fire protection officer is always and everywhere informed to all locations. Seven municipal facilities have already been integrated into the solution, and the system is being successively extended as part of a long-term investment plan.

"The information the app provides ensures that I immediately know what the problem is and whether it requires someone on site".

persons in the monitored buildings
fire detectors in use
All-in-one mobile solution for all municipal facilities
Leonhard Schmuckenschlager
Central Fire Protection Officer Klosterneuburg

Controlling locations remotely

When it comes to fire safety, Lower, Austria's third largest city, set the course for the digital age as early as 2014. The central "switchboard" is the Integral Mobile app from Schrack Seconet. The mobile application for smartphone and tablet shows the status of all fire alarm systems at a glance. This is not only convenient, but also makes ongoing checks much easier.

Leonhard Schmuckenschlager, Central Fire Protection Officer Klosterneuburg, explains: "As a rule, our users on site cannot take over organisational fire safety. Nor does it make sense for me to go through all 18 buildings every week to check the systems".

The digital concept has clear advantages,
which are evident in many daily processes.

Information in real time 
With the app, I can now see the status of the systems at a glance – green check marks mean everything is in working order!", says Schmuckenschlager. "Permanent monitoring guarantees up-to-date information on the system status, at any time, any place - and reports and evaluation options let us detect problems early on".

The additional information is also vital in an emergency. The fire brigade receives additional, more precise information: Where exactly is the problem and what should be taken into account.

The information the app provides ensures that I immediately know
what the problem is and if it require someone on site.
Leonhard Schmuckenschlager - Central Fire Protection Officer Klosterneuburg

The priority is protecting people 
Seven locations in the municipality, with as many control panels and more than 700 detectors in total, are now integrated into the Schrack Seconet app solution. It started with schools and pre-schools:

"The top priority is the protection of people, and this is where we have the most people and especially those in need of protection – the children," highlights Schmuckenschlager. More buildings will follow in the course of a step-by-step investment plan. For example, the new pre-schools in the Klosterneuburg-Kritzendorf district, opened at the beginning of 2018. 

"Sirens, manual call points, fire zones, detectors – of course, all this has a cost. But it really does provide peace of mind because, if the worst were to happen, there's a lot at stake", says Schmuckenschlager.

A budget-friendly model
A budget-friendly model ensures the changeover doesn't cause a burden on the budget, but is spread over a longer period of time and implemented as economically as possible.

"We use current investment projects and can then lay cables for networking the fire alarm systems, in a practical and minimally invasive way", explains Schmuckenschlager. Such investments bring existing buildings up to the current standard of preventive fire protection.

"The Kritzendorf pre-school is a fine example of what's possible when everyone works well together. The most important thing is the education and security of our children.
That's why I'm delighted about the new app, which will make fire safety in such a crucial area much easier".
Stefan Schmuckenschlager - Mayor of Klosterneuburg
We are specialists
For the protection of people and values.
With us you can expect worldwide experience, many years of know-how as a leader for innovation, one of the best fire alarm control panels in the world and many other excellent solutions. See for yourself.

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