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Christian Wimmer

Product Management Communication Systems

When I started at Schrack Seconet in 2008, we were considerably fewer people and had 40 to 50 percent less turnover. Since then, the company has developed enormously, all while maintaining a healthy mix of professional and human components. I feel very comfortable here. Furthermore, it has never become boring in all these years and there are always new tasks. 

Christian Wimmer has a
keen interest in police and medicine
Professional interest

At Schrack Seconet, as the head of the security systems sector, I was initially responsible for the security systems area for eight years. I then subsequently moved to the hospital communications sector. As I was very interested in medicine as a child, it was a good match.

I enjoy talking to professionals about where the medical field is heading. In general, I like having conversations with customers, employees and colleagues. But what I enjoy most is the presentation and keeping up to date with new technologies in this field. 

"We have a healthy mix of professional and personal components that I value very highly. It makes me feel very comfortable at Schrack Seconet."
Christian Wimmer has felt well looked
after since 2008

In product management communication systems, I'm responsible for the public image of the company as well as the business unit. It's very important not to leave visionary and strategic approaches out in the cold and to pursue them constantly. 

Composure is a very important quality my role and in my intensive daily work. Empathy, a bit of intuition and an understanding about human nature are also helpful.

Christian Wimmer
Product Management Communication Systems
I have always been a person who is polite and diplomatic, while being open and honest at the same time. I have always been guided by this attitude and it has worked well for me – with all its advantages and disadvantages.
Three things I particularly appreciate about my work:
  • My colleagues
  • The good connection with management
  • Developing products further
What I wanted to be as a kid:

Originally, a detective or surgeon. However, I did not actively pursue either of these career perspectives and ended up studying economics at university. And yet, my great interest in the police and medicine today fits perfectly with my training and my position at Schrack Seconet.

Christian Wimmer
Product Management Communication Systems
Schrack Seconet is a very open and friendly company with the opportunity for further development. Here, great attention is paid to employees and their development. There are many benefits and things that cannot be taken for granted.
We love what we do
and you can tell
Our team spirit, our working atmosphere and our conviction ensure that our customers are the focus of our actions. How does that sound? Good? Then we look forward to receiving your application.

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