Anubhav Guglani

Head of India Region 

Schrack Seconet has a very cohesive culture that allows employees to work together and feel that they have contributed to the overall success of the company. Every employee is respected and heard by the management. There is a very friendly social environment between co-workers that helps in building better relationships.

After 13 years of working in this amazing organisation, I can say that it was a correct decision.
Start and current responsibilities

In 2009, Schrack Seconet wanted to start a new office in India and was searching for a person who could establish the Schrack Seconet products in the new region. The challenge of starting and establishing a completely new company in India (a first for Schrack Seconet in Asia) excited me and I happily accepted the role. Today, my responsibilities include, among other things,  planning and executing business strategies for short and long-term objectives, developing and sustaining business in the region, building and maintaining professional relationships with potential clients and partners and ensuring that Schrack Seconet is meeting all legal requirements and local regulations. 

If I were to describe myself
in one word, it would be "optimistic"
Reasons on working for Schrack Seconet

While we see many people in the society today, are stressed and burnt out due to the undue work pressure, I feel that Schrack Seconet offers a wonderful work-life balance to the employees. The vacation of the employee is given equal importance as the work in office. The employee friendly policies help in having a stress free team who is able to give better productivity. Thanks to the focussed customer centric vision of Schrack Seconet, our goals and priorities are always clear. Starting from the product development team that is always open to the feedback from our teams to the technician on site ensuring best support to client, the vision is aligned. It makes the job at Schrack Seconet more interesting and decision-making process much simpler. 


Anubhav Guglani
Head of Representative Office India
I remember my first day very fondly because of the warm welcome that I received from each and every member of the team. It instantly felt like a family and the feeling remains constant till date.
Three things I particularly appreciate about my work:
  • Opportunity to travel and meet people from different cultures
  • Independence to create business strategies
  • Very supportive and motivating leadership team
If I could be a superhero, my superpower would be:

I feel that every person is a superhero - we are capable of doing much more than we think we can. However, if one superpower is provided, I would want to have the power to remove hatred and greed from the mind of every human being in this world. Let there be only love and sharing between everyone and our world would become such a beautiful place to live.

Anubhav Guglani
Head of Representative Office India
Today, we have more than 35 local partner companies promoting our products in India. We have become the market leader in nurse call systems and are recognised as the techically most superior product in fire alarm system. We have won awards from esteemed organisations like „Frost & Suvillan“ and „Fire & Security Association of India“.
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