Installation of communication systems for quarantine stations

desinfection in quarantine stations

Installation of communication systems in quarantine wards or complete hospitals to minimise personal contacts

The COVID-19 crisis has spawned highly diverse and brand-new requirements for hospitals and care homes.
While it used to be sufficient to allocate quarantine areas in very few hospitals across regions, nowadays there is a big demand to set up such zones in numerous institutions countrywide to create the required capacity.

Almost each and every hospital needs to find solutions for splitting their premises into safe zones and quarantine wards. With such measures hospitals and carehomes will be well-prepared for this special situaton and also for future challenges.
The requirements for isolation pose an extraordinary challenge for nurses, doctors, care staff and especially affected patients. These newly-formed separation units are a big help for everybody involved.
Whereas usually intensive personal contact is one of the top patient wishes and nursing goals, the most effective way to reduce infection risks is to diminish direct contact between persons.

Separation of staff and patients by means of voice communication


Hospitals using Visocall IP devices with integrated VoIP functions already benefit from direct voice communication between patients and medical care staff, avoiding unnecessary personal visits.

All IP devices offer comfortable, discreet and especially safe communication without personal contact.

This refers to communication units at nurse bases as well as in patient and care rooms.

Voice communication to any patient can be easily established from all Communications and Staff Terminals.

Visocall IP quarantine intercom

Single isolation rooms require facilities to get in contact with patients or personell inside without the necessity to enter the room.

  • Patients would like to speak to their visiting familiy members.
  • Nurses and doctors need a point-to-point voice communication to patients to explain treatments or simply lending an open ear.

Visocall IP offers an easy operable quarantine intercom option which allows direct speech communication between a patient handset and a Staff Terminal.

Staff Terminals are programmed as door intercoms and can be fitted directly outside the isolation room.
By pressing the green button on a touchscreen a direct voice communication is established and people outside the isolation area can talk to the isolated patient straightforwardly.

The quarantine options are simple, cost-effective and can be easily retrofitted.

Adding Visocall IP devices in smaller quarantine wards can be done without any central communication servers.
The most simple option consisting of a Patient Handset, a Staff Terminal and a System Switch ensures highest security and fully complies to DIN VDE 0834.


Easy cleaning and disinfection

Quarantine zones create high demands on hygiene.
Surfaces and gadgetries in isolation rooms are exposed to a high risk in carrying and spreading germs, bacteria and viruses, as they are touched by multiple persons.
Equipment used in isolation areas shall fulfill certain requirements to avoid unnecessary risks of disseminating diseases.

Visocall IP handsets are made of special plastics incorporating an antimicrobial masterbatch and are covered with a high quality textured polyester film, making them more insusceptible to carry germs and microbes.
Nurse Call devices for staff use are equipped with antimicrobial membrane keypads to fulfill the same.

Additionally Visocall IP devices are designed seamlessly and without elevated buttons or embossed spots, that would allow unhygienic deposits.
Therefore devices can be cleaned and sanitized by simply wiping them with disinfectants.

The European Interdisciplinary Committee for Hygiene & Compatibility Testing of Medical Devices - EICHY - has tested and investigated feasible disinfectants for Visocall IP components
These test results are recorded in their material compliance database and in an independent 3rd party certificate.


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