Installation of wireless call systems in emergency quarters

quarantine stations

Using empty areas – Repurposing hotels or exhibition halls as quarantine zones or shakedowns with call possibilities

The COVID-19 crisis shatters the world and has generated new demands to entire healthcare ecosystems.

Dramatically increasing numbers of persons infected with the Corona virus force countries to act quickly. Thus countries worldwide start to conjure Emergency Corona-wards out of nothing. From hospital wards tranformed to Corona quarantine zones hastily to shakedowns erected in empty exhibition halls or hotels, the methods are versatile. These emergency shelters are built rapidly and are often only stocked with the most necessary equipment. Time is essential and elaborate installation efforts resulting electrician works for days can’t be done.

Numerous patients pooled in very confined spaces need options to call for help and staff has to react quickly. 

Securwatch SmartLiberty: Easy to install nurse call system

The Securwatch SmartLiberty Real-Time-Locating-System (RTLS) which uses almost no cabling, is the most simple to install wireless nurse call system.


Patients and care staff are equipped with wireless transponders.

These transponders are endowed with call buttons and can be personalised with user names and bed locations.

Thus, patient calls or assistance requests from other personnel can be handled quickly and efficiently.

A single battery powered marker could be enough to cover the positions of all transponders inside a single quarantine ward.

Optionally several position markers could provide patient and care staff locations on a room accuracy level.


High radio frequency RF Readers function as transmission unit to forward call information to a central management center.
RF Readers work in the 868MHz range and can cover 40m in a typical building.
The bi-directional antennas have up to 500m line-of-sight range, which suits perfectly for emergency wards in exhibition hall areas or other wider areas.

All patient, assistance and emergency calls can be displayed on PoE Alarmdisplays or mobile devices comfortably.

Typical Securwatch SmartLiberty installation in an emergency quarantine ward

Alarm displays and RF readers are connected to a central Management center and the WiFi infrastructure, with the aid of PoE switches. By means of this a single standard CAT cable can supply a display or reader with the necessary power and data.
Position markers are battery powered devices (230VAC or 24VDC option) and require no further cabling works.

Patients, nurses and doctors can now trigger, cancel and receive calls with the respective devices.

Additionaly each transponder can be tracked and Securwatch can automatically create wander alarms in case a patient leaves a certain area unattended.
This feature ensures, that nobody will leave the quarantine zone and contaminate safe areas unintentionally.

Have a look at the enclosed document for further details about Securwatch SmartLiberty.

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