Helpful solutions in times of crisis for fire safety officers and users

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Each of us is currently being confronted with challenges that we have never encountered before - and you are no doubt in the same position. Nonetheless, or perhaps precisely because of the current crisis, you should not neglect fire safety in your building. We and our partners are still at your service and we are committed to provide you with the best possible support and to identify suitable solutions for you during these challenging times. Thanks to remote access via Integral Remote, we can make the situation a little easier for you. At Schrack Seconet, these solutions have been tried and tested under real-life conditions over many years and our specialists are therefore well equipped to quickly retrofit the solution that is most suitable to meet your needs. Feel free to get in touch with your contact person - we are always happy to assist you!

Different circumstances and situations require different solutions. Regardless of whether your business is completely closed or whether it is still operating or partially operating - in this article we will show you what you can do right now and how we can assist you.

1. Your business is closed


Are you currently working from your home office or are you at home trying to contain the spread of the Covid virus? Do you have any idea whether the fire safety in your company is still functioning, whether there are any malfunctions or perhaps even a fire? A fire can occur at any time, even if there are no or only a few people present in the workplace, often due to technical defects. Certainly not a very reassuring feeling for you. However, remote access via Integral Remote from Schrack Seconet can remedy this situation. This app ensures that you are always informed about the status of your fire alarm system. You will automatically receive a notification sent directly to your mobile device for each important incident involving your fire alarm system. This means that you can call up all system information from wherever you are and that you can therefore always react immediately should the need arise. In the event of a fire, the fire brigade is called immediately, but you will also receive this information without delay - no matter where you are, including at home in your home office.

Maintenance and system optimisation

Maintenance of your fire alarm system is of course unaffected by the current crisis situation and must still be carried out. And especially now, when there are no or only a few people present at the company, would be the perfect time for performing maintenance on your fire alarm system. After all, the company processes and other colleagues will not be disrupted now. You can now prevent any operational interruptions that may become inevitable at a later date! Bringing forward maintenance work within the permitted margins might even be a way to make efficient use of the period of closure.

The time would also be ideal for optimising your system. Are there any suggestions for expansions or necessary modernisations that may have resulted from changes in the guidelines? Or do you perhaps still operate an older software version? Things, which are often postponed in everyday life because there is hardly any time left for them, could be handled now. Your contact partner will install the latest software and update your system in no time.

Take the opportunity and get in touch with your contact partner now, who will be happy to advise you!

2. Operating/partially operating

No matter whether you are at your workplace, at home in your home office or on the road - with the Integral Mobile app you can get all the information relating to your fire alarm system on your mobile device wherever you are. This allows you to always have a clear overview - from any location. Also in case the alarm sounds or a malfunction occurs, you know immediately where and what happened and can rapidly determine whether an intervention on site is really necessary or whether you can take care of it at a later time. In this way you can avoid unnecessary interaction and once again contribute to the containment of the virus. And thanks to the app, not only you but also several other people can be informed at the same time. This means all relevant people - whether they are owners, technicians, fire protection officers, etc. - are always well informed and thus have the certainty that the fire safety of your company is functioning reliably, giving you a great feeling of being protected!

Do not neglect your fire safety during these times of crisis and ensure that you too can get an overview from wherever you are. Get in touch with your contact person right away. Our specialists will be happy to attend to this, to identify your individual requirements in consultation with you, to plan alongside with you and to find a solution that is tailored to your needs.

You can find more information on our products and solutions in the downloads section below and in our video about Integral IP.

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