Helpful solutions during the crisis for partners and installers

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We are currently all faced with enormous challenges. The team at Schrack Seconet would like to support and assist you, our partners, the best way we can.

Those who can quickly grasp the new situation and keep up with the changing needs of customers will be twice as helpful and can use this unprecedented time effectively and to even make improvements. The health and safety of our customers, partners and employees is our number one priority – we would like to show you what you can do to keep them safe and how to offer your customers the right solutions in these challenging times. None of us should forget that effective fire safety is always important, even or especially in times of crisis. Regardless of the number of people present on a company’s premises, a fire can always break out, e.g. due to technical defects. 

Even if social distancing is now everyone’s top priority, we are nonetheless all coming closer together – communication is critical in times like these. It is best to get in touch with your customers and specifically ask about individual challenges and particular circumstances. That allows us to find the best solution for everyone.

When communicating, you can find out where access is possible, which businesses are completely locked down, what requirements exist, whether there are plans that keep getting postponed, etc.

1. Businesses where access is possible

There are still companies that remain open, or at least partially, and even buildings and institutions such as universities or schools are still accessible.

Right now is the ideal time to

  • do maintenance
  • modernise systems


Regardless of the ongoing crisis or how a building is currently used, maintenance still needs to be done. With reduced operations and fewer people on site, now’s the time to carry out this type of work. Pushing up maintenance services within the allowed tolerances could also be considered. If fewer people are at the company, operational processes won’t be disrupted and the maintenance person can work undisturbed and more efficiently. Let the customer know this and start making appointments today!


The same applies to system modernisations. Fire safety is and always will be important and must not be neglected, especially now. It would make sense to use this time to optimise systems and improve fire safety. Bring it up in your next conversation with your customer – there are always unpleasant topics which were put off for too long and for which there was never the time. But now is the time for any implementations. Perhaps the customer has older software versions that do not yet meet current safety standards. Practical extensions or necessary modernisations, which have become necessary due to changes in the guidelines, could now be performed, and the system could be brought up to date by installing the latest software.

Companies that have currently limited their operations can also use this time to exchange system parts. For example, dirty detectors, which will have to be replaced soon anyway, could be replaced straight away.

Of course, now would also be the opportune moment to upgrade old systems with new components. Thanks to our products’ proven forward and backward compatibility, every system can be expanded at will and easily upgraded – and without disturbing ongoing operations if done at this time.

2. Businesses where access is currently not allowed or difficult

Many companies are even completely shut down or only provide severely restricted or no access to technicians or external companies. This type of situation is of course quite different and poses exceptional challenges. No matter the system malfunction, without knowing the cause and effects, an expert must always perform an analysis on site.


Remote access via Integral Remote from Schrack Seconet provides the best solution to tackle this problem.

All our customers, who are already using remote access, are doing fine. They are perfectly equipped for exactly such situations and have been experiencing all that Integral Remote has to offer.

With Integral Remote, system information can be called up remotely at any time. Is the detector merely dirty but actually still operational? Integral Remote lets you determine this remotely, allowing for a decision to be made quickly on whether or not it is really necessary to send out a technician. Troubleshooting can be performed immediately from a remote location; for cases such as a dirty detector, an appointment with a technician can be noted for a later date. Service calls on-site that are not absolutely necessary can thus be avoided. They only become necessary when fire safety is no longer guaranteed. Direct contact is thus kept to a minimum – without putting fire safety at risk.

Of course, help is not far for those who have not yet set up remote access. To take advantage of this service in the future, a technician only needs to come once to install the remote access. With a permit, this shouldn’t pose a problem. One single coordinated appointment is all it takes, all the while complying with all the necessary safeguards and precautions. That is certainly easier than an emergency visit at an uncertain point in time, should the system become unexpectedly faulty later on. You also have the option of installing Integral Remote on site via an existing Intranet and together with the customer’s IT department. We are sure you will find the best solution for every customer when discussing options together.

One particular advantage, given the current situation, is the one-person inspection service which Integral Remote makes possible, thereby simplifying maintenance. Where at least two technicians had to be on site before, only one is now needed. Having two technicians on site would again increase the risk of infection for everyone and, in addition, customer service is that much more efficient. However, the one-person inspection service is not only available for the permanently installed Integral Remote but can also be quickly set up temporarily on any system with IP technology using a mobile router. 

Of course, our experts will be happy to lend a helping hand and provide tips or necessary detailed information whenever needed. You can count on us to be there in times like these.

You can find more information on our products and solutions in the downloads section below and in our video about Integral IP.

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