Simple, Safe & Efficient - The New Service Platform

For Responsible Service Providers

Simple, Safe & Efficient - The New Service Platform

Simple, Safe & Efficient - The New Service Platform

For Responsible Service Providers

Simple, safe and efficient

Innovative digital services simplify processes throughout the life cycle of a fire alarm system when they provide an efficient solution to ease administrative burdens. The new Service Platform from Schrack Seconet offers precisely this convenience: Six feature sets for increased quality of installation and maintenance services. The platform's sophisticated service mix includes product knowledge management, site management, site analysis, extension & modernisation, maintenance management and site event management. In addition to simplifying day-to-day administration, the system is particularly impressive with the possibility of predictive maintenance. And since the platform is hosted in its own data centres in Europe, it is also extremely secure. And the clear design of the functional tools also makes them extremely user-friendly.

Time is money

From planning, installation, commissioning and ongoing operation to maintenance, modernisation and expansion: At every stage, valuable resources can be saved through the Service Platform – whether in the form of effort, time or pathways. This extra time can be put to better use on other tasks and projects. The most efficient option is the PREMIUM package – the full service package, so to speak, which includes all six feature sets. But even if you go for the BASIC package including four feature sets, administration effort can be significantly optimised in many areas. In any case, the FREE package guarantees a head start in knowledge for the professional support of a Schrack Seconet fire alarm system – a free manufacturer offer that supports every partner in their activities.

So many benefits

The functions of the Service Platform are manifold – one of the most important tasks of the cleverly chosen applications is to have an overview of a system at all times. Specific examples preferred? Up-to-the-minute manufacturer and product information is available at the touch of a button, and calling up the site status is just as helpful as the current information status on all technician tasks and assignments. Ongoing updates regarding upcoming maintenance and recommended modernisation measures further facilitate planning. However, with the practical feature sets, not only the support and resource planning become super easy – the highest availability of the system and the best service for the customers are also guaranteed.

To sum up: The Service Platform simplifies all tasks that relate to the fire alarm system, can increase sales by saving time and turns customer advisers into genuine expert personnel who can be trusted.


On June 21st 2022, 09:00 a.m.-10:30 a.m. (CET, Vienna), there will be a live webinar centered around the Service Platform as well as Integral Remote. Please follow this link to register via email.

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