Finland's LUMI: Fire Protection for a Supercomputer

The Super-Intelligence of Integral Remote

Finland's LUMI: Fire Protection for a Supercomputer

Finland's LUMI: Fire Protection for a Supercomputer  

The Super-Intelligence of Integral Remote


“Integral Remote is a crucial asset for us. Our specialists can react to system messages or incidents directly from their computer.” 

Kimmo Karila 

Managing Director Agis Fire & Security Oy 


An IT project of gigantic dimensions: the new supercomputer LUMI (Large Unified Modern Infrastructure) in Kajaani, Finland can perform up to 552 quadrillion arithmetic operations per second. In doing so, it has smashed the previous record in Japan. The supercomputer was implemented as part of the European High Performance Computing Initiative in several EU countries, and over 200 million euros were invested. The high performance of the Hewlett Packard Enterprise computer is particularly suited for complex computing tasks related to deep learning and AI workloads.   

Green IT Project

The high-performance data centre was built in a former paper mill and relies on carbon-neutral, renewable energy. 100% of LUMI's energy consumption is covered by electricity from hydropower. LUMI is also an example of environmentally conscious use of resources. “The climatic conditions only require a low level of computer cooling. The heat generated in this way is also used as heating energy and covers 20% of the region’s needs,” explains Kimmo Karila. With Agis, a partner company of Schrack Seconet, he installed fire protection for this investment project on behalf of the operating company CSC. 

Data centres have special requirements in terms of fire protection. “Any fire on a server carries the risk of irretrievable data loss and the interruption of business-critical processes. This is why detecting and containing a fire as quickly as possible is crucial. Such projects require specialists, like Agis, who have already installed preventive fire protection for several data centres and who also have special expertise in gas extinguishing systems,” emphasises Patrick Eveleens, Area Sales Manager at Schrack Seconet. 

Integral Remote Provides On-Site Acces Anytime, from Anywhere

For LUMI, Agis installed a fire safety concept that complies with the latest standards. Integral Remote, the remote access solution from Schrack Seconet, enables on-site access to the systems at any time. The Agis branch in Helsinki is 550 km away from LUMI, but the systems are always in view via the remote access connection. “Our specialists see exactly the same control panel as a member of staff on site. This enables us to offer the same service 24/7 as a person on site,” highlights Kimmo Karila. This saves lengthy, often unpredictable travel times: “In summer the drive to LUMI takes about 5 1/2 hours and in winter – you have to to be prepared for everything ...” Integral Remote also proves its worth in annual maintenance, the Agis specialists come to the appointment well prepared. “We know exactly what happened during the year and have a good overall picture,” says Kimmo Karila. 

Controlling the Extinguishing Systems

The extinguishing systems are also a central element in LUMI's fire safety concept. “We have different solutions in use: In outdoor areas we work with water sprinkler systems, in the data centre itself with inert gas. All extinguishing systems are controlled via the fire alarm system,” explains Kimmo Karila. Despite the unusual operating conditions that were put in place as a result of the coronavirus, the prestigious European project LUMI is going into operation this year as planned. “The extraordinary computing power of LUMI will give European research an important impetus. The fire safety concept is an essential contribution to this, and we have also opted for the most advanced solutions: Remote access with Integral Remote ensures permanent monitoring of all systems,” emphasises Jukka-Pekka Partanen, Head of Datacentres, CSC. 



Photo Credit: Juha Torvinen, CSC

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