d-LIST SCU835: Now Even More Versatile

Heat Detection for Special Industry Needs

d-LIST SCU835: Now Even More Versatile

d-LIST SCU835: Now Even More Versatile

Heat Detection for Special Industry Needs

The d-LIST system has been approved for the temperature response classes A1N, A2N, BN, CN by VdS according to EN 54-22:2020-07 (G 221004). The SCU-800-03-Ex evaluation unit is also available for use in potentially explosive environments. It is certified according to ATEX zones 2 and 22 and DNV-GL.

In industry, underground garages, and other places where the risk of fire is very high, it is often especially difficult to detect it. The linear heat detector LIST reliably detects fire and can locate it with pinpoint accuracy – even in places where other fire alarm systems are difficult to use. A new SCU 835 evaluation unit is now available for the d-LIST model that optimises its use even further.

Versatile Applications

The d-LIST system uses a shorter and slimmer cable than the larger LIST model, making it suitable for medium and simpler projects. Up to now, two sensor cables including a supply cable with a length of up to 250 metres could be connected to one evaluation unit. “With the new SCU 835 model, a length of up to 350 metres is possible. This significantly extends the system’s range of application,” explains Peter Bock, product manager for fire detectors at Schrack Seconet. Direct communication between the SCU 835 and the fire alarm control panel is now also possible via the new MODBUS TCP protocol – a clear advantage for detailed data exchange.

The d-LIST system is ideal for shorter tunnels, underground garages, loading ramps, conveyor systems and industrial plants. It can also be used to monitor cable ducts and riser shafts. In addition, d-LIST can be used to check the ambient temperature of solar panels – the temperature can be adjusted if necessary, by cooling for example, thus optimising the efficiency. Schrack Seconet has already completed several projects with the new SCU 835 – for example at Ikea in Bangalore, India.

Linear Heat Detector

The d-LIST system is a resettable linear heat detector based on a sensor cable. Every ten seconds, the temperature is queried by the individually arranged sensors. Even a temperature increase of 0.1 degrees Celsius is registered. A fire alarm is triggered when either the temperature at a measuring point exceeds a threshold value or a defined temperature increase is registered over time.

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